Inside your home

I can repair, replace, clean and install your Backsplash; Baseboards; Cabinets; Ceilings; Ceramic tile; Countertops; Crown moulding; Cupboard or Cabinets;  Doors; Door hardware; Drywall; Flooring; Insulation; Plaster; Shelving; Storage area; Walls; Dishwasher; Doors; Ceiling or Bathroom Fan; Furniture; Light fixture; Sink; Toilet; Trim; Vanity; Washer/dryer.  I can descale Tankless Water Heaters.

Outside your home

I can repair, replace, clean and install your Deck; Fence; Exterior Siding; Stairs and Windows.  I can clean the eavestrough gutters

Other Specialized Services

Additional services: Custom made items by a skilled carpenter (cabinets, shelving, tables, vases, bowls); Safety modification for Seniors, Painting, Furniture assembly and General Maintenance.

Reliable, honest and affordable

I am a retired Professional Engineer.  I pride myself on being reliable, honest and affordable.

What else?

I have been tackling projects my entire life.  If you have a project in mind, please ask if it is not listed above.  I love new challenges!

Next Steps...

If you have a question, want some free advice or want to know more, please contact me, Bruce Smith.